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Sasha Dolls Restoration & Repair

Updated: March 22, 2013

For English and
Götz Sasha Dolls

   You may have a beloved Sasha that needs professional help. For many years I have been able to restore and repair Sasha dolls according to my museum training in general conservation and restoration techniques, and my own restoration and repair techniques for problems peculiar to Sasha dolls. But because of a very bad arm injury in 2005, I am no longer able to repair or restore Sasha dolls.
   But all is not lost. In 2006 and 2007 I taught workshops to a few Sashaphiles in the art of restringing Sasha dolls of all ages and productions, and advanced techniques for rerooting hair and vinyl repairs, among other things. This is to pass along my knowledge and expertise to others, who will hopefully take up where I have left off and continue to service you and others who need help for their Sashas.
   From these workshops has emerged a very talented lady who has proven herself to be very capable, knowledgable, and practiced in the art and craft of Sasha doll restoration and repair. As her teacher, it gives me great pleasure to recommend her to you:

Pat Pellerito, from Florida, contact at Flosasha@aol.com
   Message from Pat:
I have owned Sasha dolls for many years and after training with Susanna Lewis, opened my 'Spa' in central Florida which offers a full restoration service for early Gotz, Frido and Trendon Sasha dolls. My work includes restringing, reshaping caving bodies and fixing splits, thoroughly cleaning dolls, limb adjustments and removal of most marks. New neck rings for the Trendon babies, Sasha and Gotz dolls can be fitted as well as missing leg and arm hooks.
   Additional services include rerooting dolls with missing hair, lip, eyebrow and eye touch ups, hair shampooing, styling, cutting and braiding. I also supply and fit wigs for dolls with badly damaged hair.
   I use museum quality products to clean stained clothing and repair all types of damaged clothing including dresses, trousers and blouses, as well as shoes.
   I offer good quality hand knitted garments of my own design for the boys, girls and babies as well as replacement underwear. I occasionally have restored dolls and original Trendon clothing for sale.

Please contact Pat through her email address.

These are the problems that you can expect to get fixed:
Broken or worn out or stretched stringing elastic
Too-tight stringing elastic
Broken or missing neck rings or arm and leg hooks
Deformed or misshapen bodies, joints and heads
Splits and tears on the bodies of Götz dolls
Erasing most stains and abrasions
Smoothing deep scratches, cuts, chews, and holes
Treatment for mold infections
Rerooting cut bangs & patches of cut hair
Restyling cut hair
Straightening frizzed hair
Repainting (touch up only, in removable acrylic paint)
Cleaning and repairing damaged clothes

Things that can't be fixed:
Missing body parts
(sometimes there are a few parts available, inquire)
Falling hair
Rerooting an entire head

please help me
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Self-help Care for Sasha Dolls:
There are many things you can do yourself to take care of your Sasha doll, but you need to feel confident that you are doing it the right way. Mistakes made through well-intentioned ignorance are often costly and can destroy the value of your doll or its clothes. Click here for a collection of comments, advice, and instructions for simple at-home care for Sasha.  

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