Free pattern for hand knitters, Cora's Dress and Panties.

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Free pattern for hand knitters, Caleb & Baby Ginger Plain Pullovers.

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Free pattern for hand knitters,
Baby Woolly Outfit.

Download pdf 8.5x11 version

Download pdf A4 version
Free pattern for hand knitters, Gregor's Pullover & Wintersport's Cap.

Download pdf 8.5x11 version

Download pdf A4 version

On This Knitting Patterns Page:

Patterns for Hand Knitting

Colorful Hats
Yoke Dresses
City Clothes
Winter Warmth

Cool Gear

Patterns for Passap and Japanese Knitting Machines
Window Stripes Jacquard

School Clothes
Summer Drop Stitch

Sasha Dolls Knitting Patterns

About Susanna's Knitting Patterns

   These patterns are designed and written by Susanna Lewis, a professional knitwear designer and knitting teacher, writer and lecturer. The patterns are sized and proportioned especially for Sasha girls, boys, and babies. The garments are not mere doll clothes, but aim to teach real garment making skills and techniques with "quarter scale knitting" for Sasha's perfectly proportioned quarter scale body. Sasha girls and boys are 16" - 17" tall, and babies are 12".
    Each pattern contains instructions for a five-piece outfit. All the patterns in the same girl/boy/baby set are coordinated, so you can dress your whole Sasha family. Most patterns, both hand and machine, are written for knitters with intermediate skill levels. One handknitting pattern,
"Cool Gear," is written for new knitters, or experienced knitters who want basic shapes to apply their own ideas. Each pattern is 5 to 7 pages with a color photograph of one or more dolls modelling the outfit.

Updated: February 10, 2021

     There are more knitting patterns on the Knitting Kits page!

Tradition for Girls

Tradition  for girls, the classic yoke dress in the traditional Sasha style.

School Clothes for Girls

If You Want to Make a Purchase:

5000 series = $6.25 each.
1000, 2000, 3000 series: one or two patterns from a set = $6.25 each. All three patterns from the same set = $15.75.

Add postage: one pattern = $3.00, two patterns = $3.25, three patterns = $3.75. Canada: $3.30 / 3.80 / 4.25. Foreign: $4.60 / 5.15 / 6.00.
Please order by Pattern #, then double check that you have written down the number you meant to and added the postage.
Send an e-mail to confirm your order, or to ask questions.
Payment by Paypal, personal check, cashier check, or money order.
The patterns are sold only as printed patterns sent to you in the mail. They are not available on .pdf.
PayPal account = slewisnyc@aol.com.

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School Clothes for girls, neat school uniforms for all your Sasha kids.

Hand Knitting for Sasha Dolls

Colorful Hats for Sasha & Gregor
These colorful hats use unconventional techniques for doll hats, that are more commonly found in hat patterns for real people - modular knitting, bias shaping, and short-rows. They are not difficult, just different!
Patt # 5006, Colorful Hats for Sasha & Gregor, set #1: Jughead Cap, Entrelac Beret, Hexagon Cap, Garter Stitch Helmet.
Patt # 5007, Colorful Hats for Sasha & Gregor, set #2: Onion Dome Cap, Pointed Helmet, Hexagon Beret, Chevron Helmet.

Yoke Dresses for girls
Patt # 5001, Yoke Dress with Openwork Patterns: Dress and hat with ruffled borders, ankle socks, crochet ankle-strap shoes.
Patt # 5002, Yoke Dress with Knot Patterns: Dress, cap, ankle socks, crochet mary-jane shoes.
Patt # 5003, Yoke Dress with Purl Stitch Patterns: Dress, beret, ankle socks, crochet ankle-strap shoes.
Patt # 5004, Yoke Dress with Slip Stitch Pattern: Dress, wide-brim hat, ankle socks, crochet T-strap shoes.
Patt # 5005, Yoke Dress with "Smocking" Pattern: Dress, cap, striped ankle socks, crochet ankle-strap shoes.

The Beachcombers

Patt # 1101, Beachcomber Outfit for girls: Tunic, swim suit, floppy hat, duffle bag, crochet sandals.

Patt # 1301, Beachcomber Outfit for boys: T-shirt, swimming trunks, baseball cap, knapsack, crochet sandals.

Patt # 1501, Beachcomber Outfit for babies: Boy's sunsuit, girl's sunsuit, T-shirt, hat, beach blanket.

City Clothes
Patt # 1102, City Clothes for girls: Pleated skirt, waistcoat, long-sleeve blouse, ankle socks, crochet shoes.
Patt # 1302, City Clothes for boys: Long trousers, waistcoat, long-sleeve shirt, ankle socks, crochet boots.
Patt # 1502, City Clothes for babies: Boy's sleeveless suit, girl's pleated jumper, long-sleeve shirt, ankle socks, crochet shoes.

Winter Warmth
Patt # 1103, Winter Warmth for girls: Hooded coat with pockets, legwarmers, scarf, mittens, crochet ankle boots.
Patt # 1303, Winter Warmth for boys: Jacket with pockets, hunter's hat with earflaps, scarf, mittens, crochet Wellington boots.
Patt # 1503, Winter Warmth for babies: Unisex coat, pointed hat, scarf, mittens, crochet ankle boots.

Patt # 1104, Tradition for girls: Long sleeve yoke dress, pinafore apron, drawers, traditional ankle socks, crochet ankle-strap shoes.
Patt # 1304, Tradition for boys: Short belted trousers, blazer, textured turtleneck pullover and knee socks, crochet laced shoes.
Patt # 1504, Tradition for babies: Short sleeve yoke dress, nappy, front-flap pullover and pants, crochet ankle-strap shoes.

Cool Gear - Easy patterns for new knitters
Each set has three easy cool-weather pullovers and a hat, with instructions in three different gauges for each garment, so you can knit it your way with your choice of yarn.
Patt # 1105, Cool Gear for girls: Checker pullover, easy Raglan pullover, beginners T-shape pullover, Tam.
Patt # 1305, Cool Gear for boys: Tails pullover, Ribs with French sleeve pullover, easy Saddle pullover, Cap in two versions.
Patt # 1505, Cool Gear for babies: Striped Pullover, beginners T-shape pullover, easy Raglan pullover, Square hat.

Patt # 1106, Underpinnings for girls: Waist-high briefs, Vest, Training bra, Pettipants, Combinations.
Patt # 1306, Underpinnings for boys: Hip-high briefs, Vest, Boxers, Slit-front T-shirt, Ribbed ankle socks.
Patt # 1506, Underpinnings for babies: Waist-high briefs, Vest, Nappy, Slit-front T-shirt, Bib.

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Machine Knitting for Sasha Dolls

Passap machines (E-6000 or Duomatic)
Japanese machines (standard gauge)

Window-stripes Jacquard
Patt # 2101 (Passap); # 3101 (J'pnse), Window-stripes Jacquard for girls: Tunic, tammy, leggings, slouch socks, crochet boots.
Patt # 2301 (Passap); # 3301 (J'pnse), Window-stripes Jacquard for boys: Pullover, cap, slacks, ankle socks, crochet boots.
Patt # 2501 (Passap); # 3501 (J'pnse), Window-stripes Jacquard for babies: Pullover, blanket, hat, tights, crochet boots.

School Clothes
Patt # 2102 (Passap); # 3102 (J'pnse), School Clothes for girls: Pleated skirt, long-sleeve blouse, top-down cardigan, knee socks, crochet mary-jane shoes.
Patt # 2302 (Passap); # 3302 (J'pnse), School Clothes for boys: Pleated slacks, long-sleeve shirt, top-down cardigan, ankle socks, crochet laced shoes.
Patt # 2502 (Passap); # 3502 (J'pnse), School Clothes for babies: Sack rompers, long-sleeve blouse, top-down cardigan, ankle socks, crochet shoes.

Summer Drop Stitch
Patt # 2103 (Passap); # 3103 (J'pnse), Summer Drop Stitch for girls: Little wrap skirt, cropped top, sport panties, flower headband, crochet string sandals.
Patt # 2303 (Passap); # 3303 (J'pnse), Summer Drop Stitch for boys: Oversize pullover T shirt, tank top, bike shorts, visor, crochet flip-flop sandals.
Patt # 2503 (Passap); # 3503 (J'pnse), Summer Drop Stitch for babies: Girl's sleeveless dress, boy's pullover shirt, unisex panties, blanket, crochet sandals.

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