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The dolls and items on this page are from collections that have been consigned for sale.

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E-mail for confirmation that the doll or item is still available. Include at least your zip code, or country if outside the USA, so I can calculate the shipping.

Shipping in USA is by Priority Mail. One 16" doll with box or tube is usually less than 3 lbs. Insurance is recommended. A $3.00 handling fee is added to every shipment.

Shipping outside USA is by Priority or PriorityExpress Mail, which has tracking and insurance, generally $200.00 depending on the country. Items smaller than dolls can be shipped First Class, which cannot be insured or tracked. A $3.00 handling fee is added to every shipment.

Payment is by personal check, money order, cashier check, or bank-to-bank transfer. On transactions totaling less than $350.00, I also accept payment through PayPal. Transactions totaling more than $350.00 must be paid by personal check, money order, cashier check, bank-to-bank transfer, or PayPal gift option.

Items totaling $500.00 or more, can be put on a two or three month layaway. Half the total amount is due at the time of purchase, and the remaining half payable during the next two or three months. Layaway payments are not refundable.

I do take returns within 3 days of receiving, providing the reason for the return is inaccurate description on my part. It is best to ask questions before purchasing if you are unsure or hesitant so that you are certain of getting the doll or item you expect and the expense of returns can be avoided.

Updated: September 12, 2019

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1960s Gđtz.

4. Blonde girl, yellow eyes, 1965. $2100.00

She is from the beginning of the production in 1965 and has original clothing of the farm pants outfit. She has the large head type, torso with no mold line and scratches over the logo, the earliest arms with wide shoulders, and legs with short toes. Her eye painting is the first style of “yellow eyes” with orange-yellow irises, eyelashes, and feathered eyebrows. She has bright pink lips, and she is not played with, her paint and body are in perfect condition. Her hair was originally all long hair with no bangs, but unfortunately, someone wanted bangs for her and cut them from her front hair, quite short. They could be rerooted by an expert repair person. Her hair is otherwise in perfect condition, no frizzing or trimming, and quite thickly rooted on top. She has recently been cleaned and restrung in the original way. She is wearing her original cord farmpants, a replaced blouse that is correct for this outfit but with later snaps, and her original hooded duffle coat of dark green wool felt, in mint condition. The buttons on it are an alternative style of a crest design that was used when then the prescribed gold anchor buttons were not available.  She does not have her sandals or wrist tag.

5. Brunette ponytail girl, slate eyes, 1967. $825.00
She has the small head type, is lightly played with and has no damage to body or hair other than a slight rub to her upper lip on the left side (see photo). Her hair was originally styled in a high ponytail and she has a neck tuft to go with her ponytail. She has a partial school outfit, with the earliest version of the pleated plaid skirt, and a navy wool felt blazer in near mint condition. She also has a pair of handmade panties. She does not have the white blouse, felt tam, shoes and socks, and bias tape hair ribbon. She has recently been restrung in the original way, and her body has no caving or tears, or scrapes, just a little playwear.

6. Redhead no-navel, blue eyes, 1970. $1115.00 Sale pending
She is a lovely example of the hard-to-find redhead with blue eyes no-navel of 1970. She has style 2 eyes, rooted center part to the crown and bangs cut by hand from the front hair. Her hair and face paint are in perfect condition. Her body is near mint condition with no collapses or tears. She has the no-navel head and torso, and no-navel arms and legs with the no-navel style inserts. The inserts on all four limbs appear to be in excellent condition. The doll has recently been cleaned and restrung. She does not have any original clothing, but is wearing a Gotz dress of 1967, the white eyelet yoke dress with underslip, and Gotz underpants. The dress is played with and has been washed and is in very nice condition with no stains or tears, though it could use new elastic on the sleeves and freshening with a steamer. The underslip appears to be new condition and is clean and crisp, and the underpants are also in new condition. She does not have any shoes or socks.

English Girls and Boys, 1960s.

1. Blue Cord 4101, early 1967. $2100.00 sale pending
She has the NP head and has been cleaned, restrung, a patch of shallow scratches to the left forearm repaired, all by Brenda Walton. She is played with and has some rub on her bright pink lips, but her hair is still in beautiful condition with no trims or frizzing, and her bangs pulled down and restored by Brenda. She probably dates from early 1967 and has beautiful eye painting with large eyes decorated with a few very tiny lashes, and thinner brows, Brenda says her painter was Doreen Bell. Her hair is very full and has a full center part but the part is not very well defined. She has been given a Blue Cord dress and matching panties with wide skirt and snaps on the cuffs, in beautiful condition, and it is appropriate for her age and hair color. She also has the correct early Frido ankle socks, and wears reproduction blue leather shoes, which have a neatly-done repair to one strap. She still needs a rib vest with elastic around the neck, and a gold/plain back wrist tag to complete her outfit.

2. Gregor Denims 5-101, 1968.  $1200.00 sale pending
He is near mint condition over all, but missing his box. He has original strings with the striped leg elastic and plain arm elastic of the 1968 dolls. They are a bit lax with age and will eventually need restringing, but right now he stands and holds a pose quite well. He has a philtrum head and his eyes are heavily handpainted with thick brows and very light pink lips. He has the early, very dark brunette hair which is excellent condition and not falling at all, and it has a short center part and early boy haircut, very thickly rooted. He wears a complete outfit with all original clothes in near mint condition, only his underpants have very stretched elastic. They are dark jeans with the early 2-seam pantlegs, navy wool sweater in perfect condition, brown leather belt with staple, rib underpants with bias tape around the legs, and the rare white leather sandals with orange soles and Newey snaps made by Timpson. He has his gold/plain back wrist tag with linen string, no box.

English Girls and Boys, early-mid 1970s.

110. Blonde Gingham 4-107, 1970-71. $265.00
She does not appear to have been played with, but is probably displayed as her lips have oxidized slightly and her clothing, although new, is not as fresh as mint. She has a rooted center part to the crown and her hair is in beautiful condition. Her strings became very slack so she has been restrung with her original strings saved inside her torso. She wears dress with narrow skirt and snaps on back and sleeves, all snaps intact. Matching panties, rib vest, replaced later socks and leather shoes with Prym snaps. She has been given a large silver tag from a dress set, and she does not have her tube.

3. Sasha London 4-110, 1971. $275.00
She is a lovely example of London, dressed in a later version of the outfit, with fisherman rib pullover and panties, and the softer plain vinyl jumper and boots. She has been displayed but not played with and has lost her wrist tag and tube, and the hems on her jumper need regluing. Her hair is in lovely condition with a mint rooted part to the crown. She has been freshly restrung so she stands and poses nicely, original bright white strings saved inside her torso. Her face paint is beautiful with softly painted eyes, and lips that have turned putty color, which is appropriate for a London girl. The upper lip has a slight rub, which is probably from mishandling as she appears to have never been played with.

106. Blonde Gingham 4-107, 1970-71. $205.00
She is lightly played with and has the usual kind of playwear rubs but is in excellent condition with nothing serious worth mentioning except for a very small pink fungus spot at one leg opening which should come off easily with acne cream treatment. She has a rooted center part to the crown and her hair is not frizzed or trimmed. She wears gingham dress with snaps on back and sleeves, half snap missing on one sleeve cuff and also the back. The matching panties need new waist elastic. Also rib vest, early ankle socks, and leather shoes with Prym snaps, all played with but still nice condition. She has been restrung with original elastics saved, has been given a large silver tag from a dress set, and she does not have her tube.

3. Brunette Gingham 4-103, 1974, blue eyes. $795.00 Sale pending
She is one of the rare blue-eyed brunettes of the mid-1970s English production. Her body and strings are near mint condition, not played with, but she has no original clothes, wrist tag or box. She has sprayed blue eyes, and beautiful non-falling hair in perfect condition. She is a bit of a puzzle because her body and strings bridge the documented blue-eye brunettes of both 1973 and 1974. She has the sprayed eyes of 1973, but the early ring head assembly with blue neck ring, of 1974. Because she has the earlier sprayed eyes, she has been given a gingham dress with narrow skirt and snap fastenings, and matching panties, the dress has half of one snap on the back replaced, otherwise both in perfect condition. But it is also possible that she was originally dressed in the early version of Red Dress of 1974 with ruffled collar. She also has replacement ankle socks and vinyl Trendon shoes, and needs a ribbed vest and large silver wrist tag to complete her outfit.

English Girls and Boys, mid-late 1970s.

5. Gregor Blue Suit 302, 1976. $105.00
He is a played with boy and shows playwear in his joints, but has no serious scrapes, scars or stains, just a bit of shine on his arms and legs. He does not have a wrist tag or box, but he does have his complete original outfit of denim bell-bottom trousers, tunic, red Sasha scarf, underpants, and brown vinyl sandals, all in nice condition. His stringing was way too tight, causing caving at the neck, so he has been restrung with original strings saved. His hair is excellent condition, no trimming or frizzing.

10. Pink Dress 103, 1979. $195.00
She is a beautiful and nearly perfect example of Pink Dress, from the first year of her production. She is not played with or displayed, with considerable hand finishing on her irises, and has silky soft hair that is not falling. Her box is III-D and in excellent condition but with cello partially unglued, no damage. She has her hairnet and wrist tag and a complete outfit. She wears rib underpants, pink dress and self-belt that is new but not as fresh as mint, but it is clean, just needs freshening. Her knee socks still have elasticity and her brown vinyl laced shoes are mint.

English Girls and Boys, 1980s.

12. White Dress 108, 1980-83. $195.00
She has been played with by an adult and is still in very nice condition with no scars, scrapes, or stains, but does need a bath. She wears the earlier white dress and sash made from all cotton fabric, and it is clean but needs freshening. Her white tights are replacement in nice condition, and she has brown vinyl laced shoes which are Sasha shoes but not original to this outfit. She does not have a wrist tag or a box.

13. Sweater 112, 1982-83. $195.00
She is a very pretty example of Sweater with silky platinum hair. She may have been displayed behind glass but is not played with, has no marks on her body and has a complete outfit that is remarkably fresh and clean. She wears beige sweater, beige cord skirt, vinyl brown belt, white underpants, cream knee socks that still have elasticity, and cream laced vinyl shoes, all in excellent condition. She has her wrist tag and box IV-B that is only fair condition. It is missing the label and the cello and has several mends, but it does have the 1982 catalog with hair care insert. This doll still has her original strings, which is very unusual for 1982 dolls, but it is starting to soften. She still stands and poses well, but will probably need restringing in the future.

16. White Dress 108, 1983-85. $195.00
She is a later example of White Dress and has been played with by an adult. She is in excellent condition with beautiful and perfect hair, but her body could use a bath. She has a complete outfit in beautiful condition - white dress and sash made from the later poly-cotton fabric, original white rib tights, and black court shoes. She has her wrist tag but it has fallen off and is in her box, and she also has her hairnet. Her box is IV-B and in fair condition. It has lost its label and has bends and minor rips in several places, but does have the cello and a 1985 catalog.

17. Tunic 115S, 1985. $165.00
The doll herself is in perfect condition and is not displayed or played with, with perfect hair and face paint, and body with no evidence of playwear, and she has her small silver wrist tag. Her outfit is probably a replacement and has been played with or displayed. It is a complete Tunic outfit, but the white tights are not original, and the blue jumper has a tiny hole in the back, see photo. She also has her blouse and white court shoes in very nice condition, and white petticoat which needs new waist elastic. She does not have a box.

English Limited Editions, 1980s.

6. LE Pintucks 182, 1982, #297. $240.00
She is a lovely, early version of Pintucks, whose eyes have changed to the bright blue color characteristic of the first Pintuck girls. She is all original, never played with, but probably displayed as her dress is not as fresh as mint although it is not dirty or yellowed. She has a real hair blonde wig that is in nice condition and does not shed unless brushed hard. At some future time it should have a conditioning treatment. Her outfit is white cotton dress decorated with pintucking, matching full slip, underpants, ankle socks, green velvety shoes with heel plates, wrist tag, barrette with cloth flower. She also has her certificate, and box IV-B in nice condition but with mended flap, with 1982 catalog. Her head-leg stringing elastic has been replaced, as needed by most 1982 dolls, so she stands and poses nicely.

English Babies.
32. Early baby boy, 1971. $90.00 
He is an early sexed baby with molded eyelids and is dressed in a Wooly outfit, except no nappy. He is played with and has some shine on his arms and legs and he needs a good cleaning, but he has no serious scrapes, scars or stains and his hair is in beautiful condition, rooted with a short part on the top of his head. He has original strings that are still in good condition. His outfit is played with and is probably from a dress set, but is clean and very nice condition.
7. Baby Nightdress 503, 1978. $85.00  
He is an unsexed baby with light brown sprayed eyes and platinum hair, displayed but not played with. His body, hair and face paint are perfect with no flaws, but his nightdress is slightly yellowed and could use washing. He also has his nappy with Velcro, knitted blanket, and small silver wrist tag. He comes with his original basket but does not have his box. Original strings in excellent condition.

14. Baby Bear 512, 1982. $115.00
She is a nearly mint example of Bear, fresh and clean and never displayed or played with. She is an unsexed baby and has a complete outfit of white pique dress with matching panties and matching brimmed hat, red vinyl shoes, wrist tag, and white terry bear with red ribbon and painted face. Her only fault is some corrosion of the snaps on both shoes. It has made the vinyl darken somewhat around the immediate area of the snaps but has not stained the doll’s vinyl, since they are later shoes with protective tabs under the snaps. Her box is III-B and in very nice condition, complete with 1980-81 catalog.

15. Baby Nest 513S, 1983. $90.00
He is an unsexed baby and has been displayed but not played with. He has a complete outfit of white stretch terry suit and blue sleeping bag. He was apparently displayed inside his sleeping bag as the suit is not yellowed but the sleeping bag shows yellowing, although neither garment is dirty. He has his wrist tag and his box is III-D, in good condition with hairnet and 1982 catalog.

Gđtz Girls and Boys, 1990s.
37. LE Marianne 95-08004, 1995, #69. $495.00 

She is a limited edition of 300 dolls with special turquoise eyes, made for Friends of Sasha newsletter, and is a re-creation of the studio Marianne pictured on a Lindt chocolate wrapper. This example has had one owner, who briefly played with her and changed her clothes, so she is near mint condition, except that her original shoes and socks are missing. She has her turquoise cord dress, tagged with her serial number 69, matching panties, and ribbed vest, all in mint condition. She also has her two hangtags, certificate, wrist tag, and hairnet. Note: The consignor is presently trying to locate Marianne’s shoes and socks, and if found, will be sent to the buyer.

32. Barbara 97-08011, 1997. $425.00 Sale pending 

She is the re-creation of the studio farm girls and is mint condition, with blues eyes, freckles and long twin braids, never displayed or undressed. She wears a mid-blue denim skirt, white blouse with pintucks, pink/white striped neck scarf, blue plaid apron with matching fabric strips woven into her braids, and white knee-length drawers. She has her tube with original labels, hairnet, and paper hangtags which have been detached from her clothing. The original doll is barefoot, but this one has a bonus, a pair of brown leather boots made by Denise Ortakales and pink/white striped wool socks made by Susanna Lewis, which were offered for a short time after the doll’s release in 1997, to cover her feet like those found on studio dolls.

30. LE Ruth 99-08020, 1999. $495.00 

She is the Sasha celebrating the new millennium, made in a limited edition of 400 dolls. This one is #118 and she is mint condition, never displayed or played with, and her hair still in need of brushing from being confined in a hairnet for so many years. She has green eyes and freckles and is dressed for travel in a re-creation of the 1960s Gotz Schoolgirl outfit with added knapsack. She wears a plaid pleated skirt attached to a plain bodice, white textured blouse, navy felt blazer with matching tam, vest, underpants, socks, and navy leather shoes. She carries a red felt knapsack with navy leather trim and a clear pocket on the flap to carry her printed airplane ticket. She also has her tube with original labels, hairnet, wrist tag, certificate and Gotz paper tags still attached to her clothes, and a bonus, the original Gotz postcard for ordering the doll.

Gđtz Babies and Toddlers, 1990s.
2. Iona 01-42206, 2001, #493. $645.00 Sale pending 

She is a toddler with the pale skin color and cheek blush of the Modern line and has brown eyes, shoulder length blonde hair, and straight legs. She has probably been displayed but not played with or undressed and is still nearly mint, and complete with outfit in very nice condition, her tube with the correct labels, and all tags. She wears a pale pink hooded jumper with zippered front, rose color blouse, print cap, furry-fabric shoulder bag, plain white underpants, and canvas espadrille shoes. She has her Sasha and Gotz wrist tags, and both hang tags which are detached. She has no marks, scratches or fading and is a delightful toddler.

Publications, Printed Items, and Patterns.
Booklet, "Where do Sashas Come From? $9.00 
6x8 inch booklet of 12 pages in black/white, published by Trendon in 1982. It has photos and description of the doll production at the factory in Stockport. This is a must-have publication for serious Sasha collectors. This copy is not new but still in very nice condition.

Booklet, "Sasha in Motion," Sasha Dolls Ltd. $8.00 
Small (3x4 inches) 12 page booklet in full color, with photos of Sasha dolls in various poses showcasing their human-like personality qualities and acrobatic abilities. Published 1985. The booklet is new but has a stain on the back cover from a piece of old tape.
 1995 full size catalog, Götz Puppenfabrik. $5.00
Large size (8x12 inches) full color catalog picturing all the dolls and dress sets offered in the year. New condition.
1996 full size catalog, Götz Puppenfabrik. $5.00
Large size (8x12 inches) full color catalog picturing all the dolls and dress sets offered in the year. New condition.
1997 full size catalog, Götz Puppenfabrik. $5.00
Large size (8x12 inches) full color catalog picturing all the dolls and dress sets offered in the year. New condition.
1999 full size catalog, Götz Puppenfabrik. $5.00
Large size (8x12 inches) full color catalog picturing all the dolls and dress sets offered in the year. New condition.
2000 full size catalog, Götz Puppenfabrik. $5.00
Large size (8x12 inches) full color catalog picturing all the dolls and dress sets offered in the year. New condition.