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   Some of the dolls and items on this page are from collections that have been consigned for sale.
   Some of the dolls and items are from my own collection. During the twenty years that I researched the serie Sasha dolls, I acquired duplicates of many dolls and dress sets, which helped me establish time lines of the dolls in the three productions. I always purchased dolls as mint and complete as possible, so that comparison dating of dolls and clothing would be accurate. Now that the three Sasha books have been published, it is time for many of the duplicates to go to new homes. They will appear on this page in batches as I have time to photograph and describe them.

The dolls are listed at the top of the page, then packaging and paper items. Clothing items are on their own page. Find the link above and below.

Unless specifically noted, all dolls sold from this website are free from any kind of foul odor.

Be sure to refresh this page every time you log on. Sometimes it is updated several times in one day!

Details about identification and dating can be found in our book, Sasha Dolls: Serie Identification. Information and ordering is at this website on the Sales page.

If you want to make a purchase:

E-mail for confirmation that the doll or item is still available. Include at least your zip code, or country if outside the USA, so I can calculate the shipping.

Shipping in USA is by Priority Mail. One 16" doll with box or tube is usually less than 3 lbs. Insurance is recommended. A $3.00 handling fee is added to every shipment.

Shipping outside USA is by Priority or PriorityExpress Mail, which has tracking and insurance, generally $50.00-$60.00 depending on the country. Items smaller than dolls can be shipped First Class, which cannot be insured or tracked. A $3.00 handling fee is added to every shipment.

Payment is by personal check, money order, cashier check, or bank-to-bank transfer. On transactions totaling less than $350.00, I also accept payment through PayPal. Transactions totaling more than $350.00 must be paid by personal check, money order, cashier check, bank-to-bank transfer, or PayPal gift option.

Items totaling $500.00 or more, can be put on a two or three month layaway. Half the total amount is due at the time of purchase, and the remaining half payable during the next two or three months. Layaway payments are not refundable.

I do take returns within 3 days of receiving, providing the reason for the return is inaccurate description on my part. It is best to ask questions before purchasing if you are unsure or hesitant so that you are certain of getting the doll or item you expect and the expense of returns can be avoided.

Updated: March 11, 2018

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1960s Götz Girls and Boys.
23. Blonde girl, no-nose, yellow eyes, 1966. $1,500.00
She has the no-nose head and yellow eyes style 3 with lashes and blue shadow. Her torso has a mold line and she has early legs with short toes. She is lightly played with and has some lip rub, otherwise she is in excellent condition with no serious scars or scrapes. Her hair has no trimming or frizzing, or missing plugs on the hairline, and is fairly thick on top. Her outfit is original to her and is also played with. It is complete and nice condition. The dress has a one-piece skirt with underarm pleats, one snap is replaced on the back. The fabric on the skirt front has a small spot where the plush on the cord is missing (looks like a small dirt spot on the photo), but it is not a hole and the ground fabric is not damaged. She has rib vest, Gotz socks and leather ankle-strap shoes with orange soles, one shoe is missing the heel and has a nicely mended strap. The doll is restrung, and stands and poses nicely. No wrist tag or box.
20. Blonde girl, yellow eyes, green dress, early 1966. $1,100.00
She has the large head type, dark skin coloring and style 3 yellow eyes with lashes. She has a torso with mold line, early arms with wide shoulders, and her feet have short toes. She is lightly played with and has a slight lip rub, no other rubs or scrapes. The tips of her right fingers and right toes are a slightly darker shade which is a factory coloring defect, not staining from play.  Her hair is quite thickly rooted and is not trimmed or frizzed, and has no missing rootings around the hairline. She has a good torso and original strings (arms on separate strings for preservation). Her clothes are original, clean, not faded or stained, and complete except sandals, which are handmade leather replacements. She wears green poplin dress with one-piece skirt and underarm pleats, one snap replaced on the back. Matching panties and rib vest with sewn shoulders. No wrist tag or box

English Girls and Boys, early 1970s.
131. Gregor Fair Denims 4-305, 1972-73 $295.00 Sale pending  
A gorgeous boy with expressive sprayed puddle eyes, he is near-mint condition, never played with or displayed. His face still has its original matte finish, no shine at all. He is from old store stock and comes with his phototube II-C, and the sticker on the lid is for Dark Denims, not Fair Denims. He wears his navy wool sweater, one tiny rip in bottom ribbing, otherwise no damage or moth holes, dark jeans with leather belt, rib underpants, brown leather sandals with Prym snaps, large silver wrist tag, all in beautiful condition. He has original strings - dark brown leg strings with hogring - and they are still fairly tight, he does not need restringing for a while longer.

English Girls and Boys, mid-late 1970s.
52. Gregor Blue Suit 302, 1976. $115.00  
He is a played with boy and shows playwear in his joints, but has no serious scrapes, scars or stains, just a bit of shine on his arms and legs. He does not have a wrist tag or box, but he does have his original outfit of denim bell-bottom trousers, tunic, red Sasha scarf, underpants, and brown vinyl sandals, all in nice condition. His stringing was way too tight, causing caving at the neck, so he has been restrung with original strings saved. His hair is excellent condition, no trimming or frizzing.
56. Gregor Dark Denims 302, 1976. $95.00  
This boy is played with and does have a few minor scrapes on his arms and legs, but nothing serious enough to mention. He is dressed in his complete and original outfit of navy acrylic sweater, mid-blue denim jeans with vinyl belt, underpants and vinyl sandals, all in played-with, but nice condition. He does not have a wrist tag or box. His stringing was way too tight, causing caving at the neck, so he has been restrung with original strings saved. His hair is a bit fragile and will come out when pulled on a few places on his head. But he hasn’t lost any yet, and should not be washed. With care, he should retain it for some years in the future.

English Girls and Boys, 1980s.
101. White Dress 108, 1980. $225.00  
This beautiful redhead is one of the first of her kind. She has the smaller body and darker skin color of the pre-1980 dolls. She has probably been displayed behind glass as her dress is not as fresh as mint, but still clean and without stains. She wears her white cotton dress with sash, white ribbed tights and black vinyl court shoes, small silver tag. Her box is III-D in excellent condition with sleeve, both punchouts intact, and 1980 catalog.
102. Sailing Suit 110, 1980. $195.00  
Sailing Suit was made for several years and has at least three variations in the fabrics used for her blue denim smock. This doll has the first version of the smock, in a brushed denim fabric. She also wears dark jeans with brown vinyl belt, white ribbed T-shirt, ribbed underpants, white canvas laced shoes (no socks), and red felt beret, which has lost its little tail on top. She has her wrist tag, original strings in excellent condition and is near-mint condition, never displayed or played with. Her box is III-D in very nice condition and complete with sleeve.
105. Sweater 112, 1982. $195.00  
She is a lovely example of Sweater, mint and fresh, never displayed or played with. She is the only English blonde made with short hair. Her hair is platinum blonde with original factory hairstyle, never even brushed. Has hairnet and small silver tag. Like most dolls from 1982 she has been restrung, with original strings saved inside her torso. Box IV-B, excellent condition.

English Babies.
7. Baby Nightdress 503, 1978. $95.00  
He is an unsexed baby with light brown sprayed eyes and platinum hair, displayed but not played with. His body, hair and face paint are perfect with no flaws, but his nightdress is slightly yellowed and could use washing. He also has his nappy with Velcro, knitted blanket, and small silver wrist tag. He comes with his original basket but does not have his box. Original strings in excellent condition.
13. Baby Sundress 502, 1979. $95.00
A very early example of Sundress, she is the first baby model to receive the new tampa-printed eyes for babies. She is all original with platinum hair, dress, panties and sunbonnet, and small silver tag. She is not played with but may have been displayed as her dress and bonnet show no yellowing but do have very minimal spotting, which could be from her straw cradle. She is in box III-B which is complete and in very nice condition, with small tears on the end flaps mended with tape.
21. Baby Sundress 502, 1980. $95.00 
She has very platinum hair color, almost white. She is mint, fresh and clean, never played with or displayed. She wears white cotton sundress, matching panties and bonnet, no shoes or socks. She has her small silver tag. Her box is III-B, in very nice condition.
7. Baby Sandy 501, 1982-83. $105.00  
She is an earlier example of Sandy, with the reddish sandy hair color, and dress yoke cut on the straight grain. She is displayed but not played with and is in excellent condition. She wears brown gingham dress with matching panties which need new waist elastic, and brown vinyl shoes, she has a small silver wrist tag, no box.
22. Baby Nest 513S, 1983. $95.00 
This blonde baby wears a white stretch terry one-piece suit, and is tucked into a blue sleeping bag with muslin lining, over a thin foam interlining. Both baby and bag are in mint condition, having been stored separately, and never displayed or played with. He has his small silver tag and his box is III-D, in very nice condition.
54. Baby Rosie 514S, 1983. $105.00  
She is an early example of Rosie with the earlier color of honey blonde hair. She has not been played with but has been displayed and her dress and cap are slightly yellowed. She has a complete outfit, with dress, matching panties and cap of rosebud print cotton, original knee socks and red vinyl court shoes. She does not have a wrist tag or box. Original stringing in excellent condition. 
53. Baby Sandy 501, 1984-85. $105.00  
She is as mint and perfect as they come, never displayed or played with, and carefully stored so she retains her fresh and crisp clothing, original stringing and box in near-perfect condition. She has the later color of sandy hair, wears a dress and matching panties of brown gingham, brown vinyl shoes, and has her wrist tag, hair net, 1985 catalog, and box III-E in very nice condition.

4. Empty box III-D, 1977-79. $12.00 
For a Gregor Dark Denims 301, dating from 1977-79. The box is complete, clean and nice condition, large color label, but the cello is detached from the lid, and the sleeve has some mended places, see photo.
4. Empty baby box III-B, 1980-83, large color label. $10.00 
For baby Playsuit 505, dating from early 1980s. The box is complete, clean, and in excellent condition.

Publications, Printed Items, and Patterns.
Trendon 1971 catalog. $15.00  
This is the 6-page folder catalog issued by Trendon for 1971, picturing all the dolls and dress sets offered that year. Black/white, very nice condition, has one spot on upper right corner (see photo).
Trendon 1976 catalog. $8.00  
This is the 8-page full color catalog issued by Trendon for 1976, picturing all the dolls and dress sets offered that year. Very nice condition, as new.
Trendon 1979 catalog. $6.00
This is the 8-page full color catalog issued by Trendon for 1979, picturing all the dolls and dress sets offered that year. Very nice condition, as new.
Booklet, "Sasha in Motion," Sasha Dolls Ltd. $10.00 
Small (3x4 inches) 12 page booklet in full color, with photos of Sasha dolls in various poses showcasing their human-like personality qualities and acrobatic abilities. Published 1985. New condition.
Where Do Sashas Come From. $8.00 Sale pending
This is the 12 page 6x9 inch booklet published by Trendon in 1982, that describes the factory production of Sasha, in word and photos. It is black/white throughout. This booklet is a must-have for all collectors. New condition.
Photo Set, 1986 English dolls. $5.00 Sale pending  
Loretta Barrett, of Under the Lilac doll shop in Maryland, produced this set of photos in the early 1990s, made from official photos supplied by Sara Doggart. It is a folder containing two black/white photo cards, 5x7 inches, of the new dolls for 1986 - Hiker, Sari, Wintersport, LE Princess Sasha, and toddlers Candystripe and Longpants, which were never pictured in a catalog. There is commentary about the dolls on the back of each card. New condition.
1990s Gotz Mini booklets, complete set of six. $8.00 
This lot contains one copy of each of the six different mini booklets that were part of the hangtag assembly for each doll made from 1995 through 2000. The mini booklets are 3x4 inch copies of the full size Sasha catalogs published each year.
2001 Gotz Mini catalogs $25.00 
These two mini catalogs measure 4x7 inches and were published in 2001. One catalog pictures all the dolls in the Gotz production classified as "play dolls," and the other pictures all the dolls in the Gotz production classified as as "artist dolls." Since the special Sasha catalogs and mini booklets were terminated in 2000, these two catalogs are the only source for Gotz photos and descriptions for the Sashas that were produced in the last year, 2001. The catalogs are very hard to find. They are not mint, but in very nice condition.
Postcard, 1999 Ruth Millenium Doll, Götz Puppenfabrik $5.00  
The postcards with Ruth's photo were given to dealers by Götz to send to their customers, for pre-ordering the doll. It is the only official photo of Ruth published by Götz. New condition, sticker damage upper R corner.
7. Museum Postcards. $9.00
This is a set of six postcards sold by the Sasha Puppenmuseum in Zurich in the 1990s. They measure 4˝ x 6˝ inches and picture studio dolls in the museum’s collection, which are identified on the back of each card. I have three sets.
Folder, LE Prince Gregor. $5.00
Promotional folder picturing and describing the Limited Edition Prince Gregor. Published 1985. It is about the size of a postcard. New condition.
1995 full size catalog, Götz Puppenfabrik. $5.00
Large size (8x12 inches) full color catalog picturing all the dolls and dress sets offered in the year. New condition.
1996 full size catalog, Götz Puppenfabrik. $5.00
Large size (8x12 inches) full color catalog picturing all the dolls and dress sets offered in the year. New condition.
1997 full size catalog, Götz Puppenfabrik. $5.00
Large size (8x12 inches) full color catalog picturing all the dolls and dress sets offered in the year. New condition.
1999 full size catalog, Götz Puppenfabrik. $5.00
Large size (8x12 inches) full color catalog picturing all the dolls and dress sets offered in the year. New condition.
2000 full size catalog, Götz Puppenfabrik. $5.00
Large size (8x12 inches) full color catalog picturing all the dolls and dress sets offered in the year. New condition.