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Unless specifically noted, all clothing sold from this website is free from any kind of foul odor.

Be sure to refresh this page every time you log on. Sometimes it is updated several times in one day!

Details about identification and dating can be found in our book, Sasha Dolls: Serie Identification. Information and ordering is at this website on the Sales page.

If you want to make a purchase (dolls and clothing):

E-mail for confirmation that the doll or item is still available. Include at least your zip code, or country if outside the USA, so I can calculate the shipping.

Shipping in USA is by Priority Mail. One 16" doll with box or tube is usually less than 3 lbs. Insurance is recommended. A $3.00 handling fee is added to every shipment.

Shipping outside USA is by Priority or PriorityExpress Mail, which have tracking and insurance. Items smaller than dolls can be shipped First Class, which cannot be insured or tracked. A $3.00 handling fee is added to every shipment.

Payment is by personal check, money order, cashier check, or bank-to-bank transfer. On transactions totaling less than $350.00, I also accept payment through PayPal. Transactions totaling more than $350.00 must be paid by personal check, money order, cashier check, bank-to-bank transfer, or PayPal gift option.

Items totaling $500.00 or more, can be put on a two or three month layaway. Half the total amount is due at the time of purchase, and the remaining half payable during the next two or three months. Layaway payments are not refundable.

I do take returns within 3 days of receiving, providing the reason for the return is inaccurate description on my part. It is best to ask questions before purchasing if you are unsure or hesitant so that you are certain of getting the doll or item you expect and the expense of returns can be avoided.

Updated: December 8, 2017

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Souvenir Outfits.
63. Florida Fun Day Easter outfit. $39.00
The souvenir outfit from the 1999 Florida Fun Day, sponsored by the Tallahassee Lassies doll club, with the theme “Calendar Girl.” It is a drop-waist dress with full skirt and attached petticoat, beautifully made from vintage dotted swiss fabric. It is accessorized with a tiny silver engraved locket on a ribbon string, straw hat decorated with flowers, and an Easter basket filled with a fluffy chick and some colored eggs. All in new condition. The locket appears to be vintage silver as it is tarnished and needs cleaning. It opens on a real hinge and has space for two tiny photos. 
59. CFA auction, sleeping bag by Phyllis Goedeke. $8.00
Phyllis made this sleeping bag for the CFA auction at one of the festivals in the early 2000s. It is documented on the paper tag pinned to the lower corner of the bag. The bag is of printed cotton with a filler of polyester batting, a patchwork design on the outside and matching dark red dotted fabric on the inside. It closes with a zipper up the center. It measures 10 x 16 inches, and rolls up with elastic bands for storage. New condition.
60. Festival souvenir Eskimo outfit. $69.00 
Made by Denise Ortakales for the 1991 festival in Keuka Park NY, Children of All the World, this was the first year that a special outfit was made as a souvenir of the festival, an Eskimo girl’s costume. This boy’s costume was offered as a pattern in the festival journal and Denise made a few to sell as special orders, and this lot is one of those few made by Denise. The parka and boots are of ultra-suede trimmed with faux-fur, the pants are of chamois cloth. All the pieces have Denise’s Doll Carriage label. New condition. You can see the outfit on a doll in the Exhibit page at this website. 
61. Festival souvenir video, English Sashas the early years. $15.00
Titled “English Sashas, the early years 1965-75,” it is a 25 minute video made by Marie Morgan as a souvenir for the 2000 Festival in Huddersfield, UK. It features Brenda Walton discussing the production of the early English Sashas, and includes the BBC footage of a child following the progress of her own special doll through the production process. It is VHS format for North America, has been viewed only a few times, and is in excellent condition (I personally checked it to be sure).
67. Festival souvenir 1998 Cincinnati. $10.00 
It is a wrap-around pinafore or apron, made from creamy-white denim with the festival logo silkscreened in red on the front. This may have been a special gift for festival volunteer helpers, as I have never seen it before. New condition.
70. Festival souvenir pinafore, hat kit. $25.00
Made for the 2000 festival in Huddersfield, England, this is the white pinafore made to go with the dress and coat of the souvenir outfit. It is white cotton with Broderie Anglais ruffles on the armholes. Included is a hat kit made by Rita Eaton for the festival. It is a gray felt hat with ribbon and feather decoration. Both items are new condition.

1990s Götz 
dress sets, girl/boy. All sets are mint-in-package. 
184. Angela 56-08902.  $40.00
Long white dress with sash, white long drawers, in original package.
191. Rainwear 58-08916.  $30.00
Dark blue vinyl raincoat, matching hat, white vinyl boots/rubber soles, in original package.

1990s Götz dress sets, baby. All sets are mint-in-package. 
204. Patrick 56-40901.  $30.00 
Navy/white striped denim overalls, white terry shirt, in original package. 
206. Claudia 58-40905.  $40.00 
White velour baby-grow suit, blue baby-nest with carry handles, in original package.
207. Lukas 58-40907.  $30.00 
Blue gingham smock, red footed tights, in original package.
208. Celina 59-40902.  $50.00 
White pique dress, matching panties, matching brimmed hat, red leather shoes, white terry teddy bear toy, in original package. 
209. Pajamas (polka-dot) 59-40911.  $30.00 
Flannel footed pajamas, in original package. 
210. Max 30-40909.  $30.00 
Blue denim overalls, matching hat, navy shirt, in original package.
211. Toni 30-40912.  $50.00 
Red knit baby-grow suit, white furry hooded jacket with full lining, white leather boots, in original package. 
212. Overalls 31-00377.  $40.00 
Blue overalls with duck buttons, striped shirt, in original package. 
213. Pajamas (cream) 31-00378.  $30.00 
Velour footed pajamas, in original package.
214. Stine 31-00379.  $40.00 
Dress, pants, hat, in original package. 
215. Swimset 31-00380.  $60.00 
Romper, jacket, hat, towel, play ring, metal bucket, in original package. 

English very early dress sets.
217. Denims 3-101, box 1, late 1968. $125.00  
Dark jeans with 2-seam pantlegs, leather belt with stapled buckle, navy wool sweater, early rib underpants, brown leather sandals with Prym snaps, gold tag with printed back. The clothes are mounted on a die-cut card except the wrist tag on tape. The clothes are mint and the very rare box is in excellent condition, still sealed.
218. Brown Cord 2-102, box 1, mid 1968. $225.00 Sale pending  
Brown cord dress with wide skirt and snaps on back and sleeves, matching panties, early rib vest, early ankle socks, brown leather ankle strap shoes with Newey snaps made by Timpson, gold tag with plain back. The clothes are mounted with tape onto the backing card, and the shoes and one sock have come loose, also a split in the cello wrap has been mended. Otherwise the clothes are mint and the very rare box is in excellent condition.
219. Dungarees complete outfit, 1966. $325.00 
This outfit has been worn by a doll and is not as fresh as new, but is unwashed, still clean, and has no damage. It is suitable for a very early English girl of 1966. Gray chambray dungarees with shoulder snaps on the outside of the bib, first version of the white back opening blouse, with no shoulder seams and outside cuffs on the sleeves, earliest rib vest and underpants, white leather sandals with orange soles made by Spanner (Prym snaps). All snaps intact. This first style of the blouse was probably made for less than a year before changing to the later style with shoulder seams and no sleeve cuffs.

English loose clothing.
131. Gingham dress, panties. $26.00
Gingham dress with matching panties, velcro on back and sleeve cuffs. Worn by a doll but clean and nice condition, two tiny yellow stains at hem, front left side (see photo). Waist elastic still good. 1973-86.
129. Gingham dress, panties. $30.00 
Gingham dress with matching panties, velcro on back and sleeve cuffs. Worn by a doll but clean and nice condition, no stains. Waist elastic still good. 1973-86.
221. Gingham dress, panties. $40.00
The dress has a later narrow skirt, and snaps on the back and sleeve cuffs. It is suitable for a doll from 1969 - 1972. It has been worn by a doll and is still in very nice and clean, though not as fresh as mint. The panties have somewhat stretched elastic. The dress is unusual because it has black snaps, which were used from time to time during this period when the silver ones were in short supply.
182. Knit shawls for Nightdress babies. 

b. early shawl of thicker yarn, 1970-72. $12.00 

c. later shawl of thinner yarn, 1973-82.  $8.00 Sale pending
97. Prince Gregor clothes. $40.00
Navy velveteen suit of trousers, tunic with neck ruff, beret with white plume, royal blue sash with attached jewel. Worn by a doll but not played with, still in excellent condition. Mid 1980s. Never sold as a dress set.
69. Underwear. $8.00 Sale pending
One set of 1980s vest and underpants for girls or boys, and two baby nappies, one with velcro fasteners installed, and one without fasteners. All pieces in new condition, never used.
73. DIY clothing for Sasha, Gregor, Baby. $40.00
This is the complete set of three fabric lengths with clothing for the DIY outfits printed on each one. The three sets do not have accessories or instructions, but they are very easy, meant for children with adult supervision. New condition.
106. Mushroom Suit clothing. $40.00  Sale pending
Trousers, jacket, and cap made from tan cord and brown vinyl, which is part of the dress set. Brown vinyl belt and boots are needed to complete the outfit. It is in excellent condition, briefly worn by a doll. This outfit  was never sold on a doll.
125. Gregor London outfit. $35.00
Purple-white striped shirt with shoulder opening, brown vinyl trousers, boots and waistcoat, early 1970s. New condition from a dress set, the vinyl garments are from the early heavy vinyl and need regluing on the hems. The shirt has very slight discoloration from resting against the brown vinyl. 
220. Early Blue Cord clothing. $150.00 
The dress is suitable for a doll of 1968 or early 1969. It has the early wide skirt, with snaps on the back and Velcro on the sleeve cuffs. Both dress and panties are brand new, never worn or displayed, no fading or damage. The fabric used for the panties is a different shade from that used for the dress, but they are both mint and belong together. 

Reproduction clothing.
222. Tiny check gingham dress/panties. $25.00 
The dress is suitable for an English Sasha of early 1969. It has a narrow skirt and is made from 100% cotton in the same size and color check as the original. The original tiny check was used in late 1968 with a wide skirt, and early 1969 with the narrow skirt. New condition.
223. Brown cord Jeans. $20.00 
This pair has a white bib lining for English dolls and made by Susanna Lewis in 1996. It is suitable for dolls from 1966 - 1969. New condition.
224. Brown Cord/Apron. $45.00 Sale pending
This set is made from the Migros patterns and will suit either an early English or first production Gotz doll. The dress has a wide skirt with underarm pleats, and the apron is of waffle pique like the original apron in the Gotz production. The set was made by Susanna Lewis in 1996. New condition.
225. Boy's clothing. $20.00 Sale pending
The white cotton shirt is a repro of Gregor Shorts shirt, and also the wool short trousers, which is the same kind of wool fabric as the original. Also included is a pair of black/white houndstooth check short trousers to fit a first production Gotz schoolboy. New condition
226. Navy wool Blazer. $20.00 
This is the blazer for the first production Gotz school boy and girl. It is made from felted navy wool fabric that has been repurposed (WWII USNavy wool trousers). New condition. 

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