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1965 - 1999
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Updated: October 10, 2008

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Articles about Studio Originals and Sasha Morgenthaler:

Grandmother and Her Dolls. Look, Dec 29 1964, p70.
Advertisment from Marshall Field & Co. New Yorker, Oct 12 1968, p17.
James, Betty. Sasha Dolls. Doll Castle News, Mar/Apr 1975, p31.
Doelman, Candace. Sasha Dolls for the Children of the World. Doll News, Fall 1977, p32.
Burdick, Loraine. Real Dolls to Cut from Paper. Doll Reader, Feb/Mar 1985, p214.
Auction Report. Dolls, May/June 1986.
Pickering, Barbara. Chocolate with a Doll Taste. Doll Reader, Feb/Mar 1987, p143.

Remise, Jac and France Broutin. The Sasha Morgenthaler Museum in Zurich, Switzerland. Doll Reader, Jun/Jul 1987, p126.
Davis, Jacqueline. A Visit with Sasha Dolls in Zurich. Doll Reader, Jun/Jul 1987, insert.

Guinard, Mavis. Swiss Museum Preserves Sasha’s Magic. Dolls, Sep/Oct 1988, p44.
Auction Report. Dolls, Sep/Oct 1989, p19.
Auction Report. Dolls, May 1990, p32.

Votaw, Anne with Barden, Ann and Knüsli, Laura. Sashas, The First Generation. Dolls, Dec/Jan 1991, cover, p64.

Knüsli, Laura. Sasha Morgenthaler: Pioneer Doll Artist, 1893 to 1975. Doll Reader, Feb 1993, p111.
Votaw, Anne and Knüsli, Laura. Sasha: An Entertainment and Commercial Star. Doll Reader, Aug 1996, p74.

Votaw, Anne. Sasha Morgenthaler Creates Sasha. Doll News, Summer 1999, p44.

Articles about Production dolls:
Hartlap, Diane. Sasha Dolls. Doll Castle News, Nov/Dec 1977, p56.
Gardner, Stephen. The Sasha Morgenthaler Doll Museum. Doll Reader, Aug/Sep 1981, p110.
The Sasha Dolls. Doll Reader, Dec/Jan 1982, p127.
Skydell, Bea. Modern Talk. Doll Castle News, Jul/Aug 1982, p16.
Revi, Albert Christian. Sasha Fashion Show. Doll Reader, May 1983, p112.
Menten, Ted. Great Names in Dollmaking: Sasha. Dolls, Summer l983, p.36.
Wheeler, Sandra J. Sasha, My Favorite Tiny Person. National Doll World, Mar/Apr, l985.
Waugh, Carol-Lynn Rossel. Sasha, The End of an Era. Dolls, May/Jun l986, p34.
Votaw, Anne. Sasha: The Everychild Doll. Doll Reader, Feb/Mar 1988, p155. The corrected Chronology appears in Doll Reader, May 1988.
Votaw, Anne. What Made Sasha a Difficult Doll to Produce? Doll Reader, Jun/Jul 1988, p113.
Sasha Coming Back. Dolls, Dec 1989, p11.
Doll'n up for Patriotism. VFW Auxiliary, Jun 1990, cover, p24.
Wilcox, Ethel M. Thoughts on Sasha Morgenthaler and Her Dolls. Doll Reader, Aug/Sep 1990, p182.
Cross, Carla Marie. Sasha: A Designer Original. Doll Castle News, May/Jun 1992, p34.
Wilson, Jacqueline. Sasha Dolls, Portraits of the World’s Children. Doll World, Aug 1992, cover, p24.
Votaw, Anne. Hello Sasha: Götz-Puppenfabrik Signs License to Make Sasha Dolls – Again. Doll Reader, May 1995, cover, p70.
Osborn, Dorisanne. Sasha Dolls Return. Doll Castle News, Nov/Dec 1995, cover, p4.
Potter, Linda. Sasha's Children. Doll World, Dec 1995, p26.
Auction Report. Doll Collector’s Price Guide, Spring 1997, p62.

Articles about Sasha Festivals:
Waugh, Carol-Lynn Rossel. September Sasha Festival. Dolls, Spring 1985, p15.
Waugh, Carol-Lynn Rossel. The Third Annual Sasha Festival. Dolls, May/Jun l986, p34.
Foggan, Sherry. A Festival for the Sasha Dolls! Doll Reader, May 1986, p102 and p72.
Votaw, Anne. The Seventh Sasha Festival. Doll Reader, Aug/Sep 1990, p178.
Osborn, Dorisanne. Fun with Sasha. Dolls, Dec/Jan 1991, p6.
Osborn, Dorisanne. How Old Are You Now? Dolls, Nov 1993, p18.
Osborn, Dorisanne. Sasha Doll Festival 1994. Doll Reader, Mar/Apr 1995, p12.
Osborn, Dorisanne. Friends of Sasha News. Contemporary Doll Collector, Aug/Sep 1995, p100.
Osborn, Dorisanne. The 1995 Sasha Doll Festival. Doll Reader, Mar/Apr 1996, p72.
Berke, Susan. Sasha Mates Set Sail in Maryland. Dolls, Jan 1996, p.50. There is a followup letter to the editor in the March ‘96 issue.
Osborn, Dorisanne. Torch Burns Brightly. Dolls, Dec 1996, p50.
Osborn, Dorisanne. The 1996 Sasha Doll Festival. Doll Reader, Jun/Jul 1997, p12.
Osborn, Dorisanne. A Fair to Remember. Dolls, Nov 1997, p44.
Osborn, Dorisanne. The Sasha Morgenthaler Children's Fund Auction. Doll Collector’s Price Guide, Winter l997.
Osborn, Dorisanne. The Sasha Doll Festival. Doll Reader, Jan 1998, p30.
Osborn, Dorisanne. A Festival for Sasha Dolls. Doll World, Feb 1998.
Osborn, Dorisanne. Sasha Fans Unite. Dolls, Dec 1998, p26.
Osborn, Dorisanne. Sasha Lovers Travel to Cincinnati. Contemporary Doll Collector, Dec/Jan 1999, p80.

Articles about Knitting and Sewing patterns, Paper dolls, Other Esoterica:
Foggan, Sherry. Hand Puppets for the Sasha Dolls. Doll Reader, May 1986, p227. (sewing)
Rupert, Aurelia. Cable Scarf with Pockets, Ski Cap and Mittens for Sasha. Doll Reader, Jun/Jul 1986, p226. (handknitting)
Wheeler, Sandra J. Summer Should be Fun. National Doll World Omnibook, Summer 1986, cover, p26. (sewing)
Trousseau for your Sacha (sic) Doll. Bernina Sewing Club Automme, No. 7, Winter 1986/1987, p20. (sewing)
Foggan, Sherry. Knitted Sweater for Sasha. Doll Reader, Oct 1987, p262. (handknitting)
Rupert, Aurelia. Crown Hat for a 16in (41 cm) Sasha Doll. Doll Reader, Jun/Jul 1988, p192. (handknitting)
Rupert, Aurelia. Shorts, Sweater, Leggings and Helmet for a 12 in. (31cm) Sasha Baby Doll. Doll Reader, Oct 1988. (handknitting)
Rupert, Aurelia. Reversible Dress/Coat and Panties for a 12 in. (31cm) Sasha Baby Doll. Doll Reader, Nov 1988. (handknitting)
Davis, Jodie. Clothing For Sasha. Doll Reader, Feb 1993, p210. (sewing)
Olsen, Pat. The Movable Goal Line. Machine Knitter’s Source, May/Jun 1995, p13 and p26. (profile of designer Susanna Lewis, with Sashas)
Elia, Albert. Sasha and Gregor. Dolls, May 1996, p91. (paper dolls, with Trendon school outfits)

There are picture ads for Sashas in just about every 1980’s issue of Dolls and Doll Reader, that also carried an article.
Full page ad from Doll Factory in Dolls, Summer 1984, p21.
The ad for Soo Li is in Dolls, Winter 1984, p58.
The Creative Playthings insert catalog is in Life, Dec 17 1971.

From British Magazines:
Fawcett, Pam; Harrison, Joan; Moore, Lee; Ronchetti, Barbara. Seven articles with photos devoted to production Sasha Dolls, including a sundress and bonnet sewing pattern. Galatea, Nr 14, Summer 1989, cover, various pages.
Foggan, Sherry. Sasha Dolls. Global Doll Society, May 1992, p18. (production dolls)
Baird, Frances and Hucklesby, Josephine. The Sasha Story. British Doll Collectors’ News, Nr 17, Jun1994, cover, p9. (original, production dolls)
Baird, Frances. Sasha: The Birth of a Legend. Doll Magazine, Summer 1994, p12. (production dolls)
O’Brien, Michael. Two Boxed Sasha Dolls. British Doll Collectors’ News, Nr 18, Sep 1994, p5. (production dolls)
Baird, Frances and Kalinowski, Julian. Re-Launch of Gotz Sasha Dolls. British Doll Collectors’ News, Nr 19, Dec 1994, p5. (production dolls)
Baird, Frances. Frido Ltd / Stockport. British Doll Collectors’ News, Nr 21, Jun 1995, p7. (Frida dolls)
Kalinowski, Julian. The Rarest of Toys. Doll Magazine, Autumn 1995, p18. (early production dolls)
Baird, Frances. Frido Update. British Doll Collectors’ News, Nr 23, Dec 1995, p4. (Frida dolls)
Hasler, Valerie. Sasha 50’s and 90’s Style. British Doll Collectors’ News, Nr 27, Dec 1996, p4. (original and production dolls)

From "Down Under" Magazines:
Hack, Jenny. Sasha Doll. Australian Doll Digest, Oct/Nov 1991, p32. (paper doll, with 1970’s Trendon clothes).
Brooks, Jacki. Sasha Dolls. Australian Doll Digest, Oct/Nov 1992, p23. (production dolls)

From German-language Magazines:
Objekt des Monats. Aktuell, Nr. 11/93, Nov 1993. This is a monthly information bulletin from the Landesmuseum in Zurich. (SM and studio originals)
Hollenstein, Beat W. Schwebende Harmonie. Meyers Modeblatt, issue 44/93, Nov 1993, p62. (SM and studio originals)
Knüsli, Laura. Sasha Morgenthaler...eine Legende lebt. Cieslick's Puppen Magazin, Nov. 1994, p56. (SM, studio originals, production dolls)

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Thanks for contributions to: Michael Hall, Maria Dulmage, Evalyn Stiles, Claire Enloe, Erica McLeod, Louise Kulp, Sherry Foggan, Jan Jillson, Michaela Clarke, Nona Rogero, Karola Miller.

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